The human brain vibrates at five major frequencies Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. These brain waves are all being used at any one time, but depending on the situation one frequency is always dominant. The Theta wave, an altered consciousness where brainwaves are slowed to a relaxed mode, is the dominant brain wave during very deep meditation.

Scientists have discovered that the Theta brain frequency has been found to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, facilitate deep relaxation, improve mental clarity and creative thinking, reduce pain, promote euphoria, and provide access to instant healings.

The brain instantly goes into a Theta wave state, when doing Theta Healing. In this state you are able to work directly with Source, Spirit, the Universe, God or Creator of All That Is, (depending on your spiritual and religious beliefs), to facilitate powerful healings.

Theta Healing is a healing technique that works at the energetic, atomic level of our existence; and has been described as the practical application of quantum mechanics.

The Theta Healing Practitioner will help you identify unconscious beliefs that are holding you back, or that can lead to physical unease in your body. Many people may be aware of conscious "limiting" beliefs, fears or doubts that prevent them from achieving what they desire. However over the years, we have discovered that there is often an UNCONSCIOUS belief or program that is at the root of the problem.

Once the Theta Healing Practitioner has helped you identify the root belief, they will then use the Theta Brainwave to go the Energy of All That Is, and change the key belief instantly. Once the root belief is changed, all beliefs that have arisen from it are changed instantly. The effect can be felt immediately, and the client's relief is fast and permanent.

Personal consultations are one way of experiencing the positive change that Theta Healing can have in your life. In a Theta Healing Consultation, you are given the space, time and personal support to help you move through whatever is in focus for you at present.