I feel special and blessed to have witnessed one miracle after another. I feel privileged to have taken healings from Poonam for my family, home and Institute.

  1. It was in 2015 when I first contacted Poonam. My 80 year old mother was diagnosed with a stone in the gallbladder. The situation was panicky as my mother had undergone a heart surgery in 2005 and as per the doctors it was quite risky for her to undergo surgery. It was miraculous to see the stones vanish after a single healing from Poonam. The doctor confirmed that no surgery would be required as there are no stones found in the gallbladder.
  2. In 2016, my mother had severe heart pain several times, but each time I witnessed miracle when I called Poonam and within a minute the pain was all gone. Our trip to emergency was averted.
  3. I own ITI in Pehowa apart from other colleges in various parts of Haryana. In 2016, it so happened that despite all our efforts and advertisements, we were unable to complete our quota of admissions when almost all the time was gone and the last date was approaching. I again contacted Poonam for the problem and she blessed my institute and without any extra effort we managed to get more admissions than the given minimum number very easily within the stipulated time.
  4. Not only this, Poonam gave few healing sessions for the court case that I was undergoing and we won the case. I thank Poonam for what she has done for my family during the past couple of years. I now have so much faith in her that I contact her for anything and everything.

Sanjay Verma

Poonam has changed the course of my life through soul mate healing. She provided me healing so that I could find a suitable life partner and step into the next phase of my life. Thank you Poonam as I met my husband after you provided me healing and am living a happy life now.


I am a renowned dentist in my area. I was suffering from cervical and it was very difficult for me to treat my patients. I contacted Poonam ji for the healing. She gave me three sessions of healings and prescribed some tonic for me. Now I am fully healed now and can take care of my patients in a care free manner. Thank you Poonam ji! I feel blessed.

She has also given relationship healing to my family and we have a happy and loving family now. She has done so much for my family by releasing and resolving our past life karmas that no one else could have done in such a simple manner.

I thank Poonam ji for the successes healing she gave to both my children. They both did excellent in there exams and they are able to learn the topics they were weak in very easily.

My family feels blessed. Blessings to you Poonam ji, from my parents and regards from us all.

Dr. Gurpreet singh